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At The Pet Project, we take a progressive approach to pet overpopulation in order to build a safer, more humane community and reduce shelter populations.  Our pioneering strategies provide information and resources to under served communities, empowering pet owners to keep their pets by giving affordable access to spay/neuter and pet care.  The Pet Project also addresses the critical need to reduce the community cat population through the modern spay, neuter, return technique.  Our goal is to make sure those dogs and cats that could have ended up homeless, abandoned, or euthanized at a shelter are instead living safer, healthy lives.

We offer:

• Free Spay/Neuter

• Wellness Services

• Kibble Kupboard (free food bank)

• Education & Advice for a variety of issues facing pet owners (renting, training behavior, general care, etc.)

Support The Pet Project

The Pet Project is a non profit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization that appreciates both volunteers and donations to help fund the programs that are offered free and low cost to people and their pets in Delaware.



The Pet Project provides essential services for the animals of those in honest need including free spay/neuter, vaccines, microchip, food, and training advice. Please consider making a donation towards services today.

Volunteer your time and talents to help us provide health and happiness to pets in our community.













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